Rokkboxx and Rokkboxx Media

The future of digital music videos, professional DJ music, and multimedia for your business, event or venue.

Rokkboxx Media


Advertise your business or event on TV’s and Big Screens in local businesses and venues. Reach your target audience!

Professional multimedia presentations promoting your business with slides, video, or ticker of your business or event. Provide your own or we can design/create for you!

Professional DJ Beat Mixed Music Videos and Multimedia


RokkBoxx is custom designed for each location and provides your business or venue with any combination of music video, background music, in-house marketing and for some locations advertising.

Set the mood at your location…
Choose a channel or custom playlist!
All your favorite music videos & fun St. Patty’s Luau, Holiday & More.

Our Sales Team will Design a Package Just for Your Business or Event


Advertise with RokkBoxx and reach your target audience in specific locations on TV’s and Big Screens!

Each location has different music and multimedia presentation. Join in promoting your business with slides, videos, or scrolling ticker. Provided your own or our team will design/create for you.

Planning a large event or venue?

Nightclub and Bars


Your customers will enjoy RokkBoxx Music Videos and Professional DJ Beat Mix – 40 channels or custom mix!

**Place your multimedia advertisement with RokkBoxx Media on TV’s that reach your customers!

40 Preset Channels or Create a Custom Playlist!

As the host of "Deep Blue" on WQLN, I can tell you that this is the future of music. It take about 2 minutes to see how amazing the Rokkboxx is.
Jason Gibbs
Edinboro, Pennsylvania