Glitter and Shimmer Inks:

The most popular way to make your design shimmer or shine is to use Glitter Ink.  Glitter and Shimmer inks come in a variety of standard colors including gold, silver, red, blue and green.

We can also custom mix your own glitter ink color using any of our standard Pantone Ink Colors.

Whats the difference between glitter and shimmer ink?

Glitter ink is large particulates held in suspension.  You can clearly see larger bits of metallic squares throughout the ink.  Shimmer ink is basically glitter ink that’s been pulverized.  Instead of seeing bits of squares, shimmer particles are much smaller and offer a smoother appearance the shine.

Since both glitter and shimmer inks are made up of large size particles, they cannot be used for small designs, small letters, small or thin objects.  Whatever is going to be printed with glitter or shimmer must be substantially large!


Foil Printing:

Foil printing is not actually printing at all.  Its a two step process.  The foil process works only for ONE color printing designs.  First, we print your design using standard plastisol ink, or plastisol foil adhesive ink.

After the ink has been properly cured, we then place a large piece of special foil film over the entire design and then fuse the foil with extreme high temperature heat to the ink layer below.

We peel the film away and there you have it, your design is not a foil print.

If you want your foil to have an extra distressed-crinkled appearance, just ask…

Foil colors include: gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, black, copper and pink.


3D Puff Ink:

Are you looking for a fun way to make your design stand out? Check out 3D puff ink!  Puff ink is a great way to add some unique dimension to your design.

What is Puff Ink?  Its a special chemical additive which we mix into whatever color ink you want to PUFF-UP.  The chemical agent is mixed into the ink prior to printing.

The design is then screen printed just like any other print!

The magic happens when the printed design goes through our high temperature curing process.  At a certain time and temperature the chemical reacts with the heat and blossoms the ink like foam.

The ink rises and spreads quickly creating a raised somewhat textured aspect to that part of your design.

3D puff ink is for printing, this is not the same thing as 3D Puff embroidery used on hats!!


Glow in the Dark Ink:

Glow in the dark ink is the same chemical product additive used to make those rubber Frankenstein toys glow. THIS IS NOT REFLECTIVE INK!!

DO NOT consider using this if your intention is to have the print used for safety purposes such as to see this walking down a road or something. IT’S NOT TO BE USED FOR SAFETY PURPOSES!

Glow in the Dark Ink is just an effect which has a very limited time span. Just like glow in the dark watches, it has to be exposed to Incandescent Lighting to get a charge, but that charge only lasts for several minutes, then begins to fade quickly.

Glow in the dark ink will not charge under Fluorescent or LED lighting. You need good old fashioned incandescent light bulbs or sunlight. The Glow in the Dark additive only works properly with white ink, so if your are planning to ADD this effect, make sure that whatever you want to glow is white in your design.


Ink Color Changes:

A very common issue with printing a design is the need to change ink colors due to ink color conflicts with the shirt color.  So you don’t want to print black ink on black shirts, or white ink on white shirts.

We offer a simple way to change ink colors without having to create another design in your order.  Its simple, just give us some basic instructions on what you have in mind or want to do.

Its as easy as telling us, take my design and print white ink on dark colored shirts, and black ink on light colored ones.  Or, use gold ink on black shirts, red ink on white shirts and white ink on navy blue shirts.

Pricing is per each ink color you want to change, for each print location. Example: If you want to print white ink on black shirts; then black ink on white shirts on front only, that is ONE ink color change. If you want to do that front and back, that is TWO ink color changes, and so on.

If you have any questions, just call or email us.

We will use this information to provide a free preview of what the final product will look like, along with Free Estimates. Once we receive your email, we typically respond within one hour on business days.  Our E-mail Address is: