Hat Embroidery Size Restrictions:

Low-profile or unstructured hats should be limited to embroidery 2″ high, while structured higher profile hats can accommodate embroidery up to 3″ high.

The majority of logos for Mid or High Profile hats is 2.5″ high, but there are substantial limitations on using designs up to 3 inches high.  The popular Urban Look using Flat-Bill construction presents numerous problems for embroidery machines.  Basically, embroidery machines were never designed with flat-bills in mind, so these types of hats do not fit properly.

The majority of embroidery on hats is 4″ to 5″ wide, but we have the ability to embroider up to 270 degrees around a hat for side-facing logos.

If the hat style you select is a Mesh Back, then no embroidery can be placed on the mesh.  There is no fabric to hold the stitching in place.

Unlike hats, visors have minimal area to work with. The maximum vertical area for embroidery on a visor is usually 3/4″ to 1″ high. Therefore, visors should be used only for text and small, simple logo images.


Understanding Manufactured Hats:

Urban style hat designs being sold with crazy embroidery all over the hat, including embroidery on the bill, then following up onto the hat; or designs seemingly going from the very bottom edge up and over the top crown, or even embroidery over straps or along the edge line of the bill, are called Manufactured Hats.

Manufactured hats refers to the process of adding embroidery to Flat Fabric before it is sewn together forming the bill (and other areas) of a hat, then it’s properly assembled into a hat. These hats might include embroidery that goes from the bill to the top of the hat, or even from the bottom edge to the top crown. These styles are embroidered on flat fabric first, which allows for total control of embroidery style and placement. They do not have the same design limitations as ready-made hats.

This allows the customer complete control over embroidery design, color, style, and various other features. After all design approvals, the lead time for manufactured hats is is anywhere between three to five months.


3D PUFF Hat Embroidery:

Yes, we offer 3-D or Puff Embroidery.  Its a simple technique of incorporating a unique embroidery foam into your design which makes the design dramatically stand-up or PUFF.  Can any design be made into puff? No!

Puff needs width, but not too much width. Typically, the preferred width is 1/4 to 5/8″ wide, designs which are too large or too wide should not be converted into puff, same applies to objects or lettering which are too small or too thin.

Its easy to find really poor examples of 3D puff embroidered hats, just go to those infamous hat stores in any mall and find the really wide designs and run your finger over them.  You will see immediately that the threads are too long, sag, hang loosely and just plain look horrible!

Need 3D Puff, email your design to us and explain what you want to do.  We will respond with a free estimate within one hour.