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Does Managing Team, Group, Business or Event Orders Drive You Crazy?  Are you Fed-Up with: The Task you Volunteered for?  Piles and Piles of Paper with Illegible Handwriting?  Complicated or Un-Ruly Spreadsheets?  Incomplete or Missing Order Forms?  Unsigned, Lost or Bounced Checks?

Our online store system affords you an easy way from start to finish, to handle group orders, check status and payment collection. Our management reporting system provides you information to insure orders are placed in a timely manner. You receive an e-mail once each individual order is placed complete with a breakdown of each product ordered by type, size and quantity. Now that’s easier!!

For leagues and Teams, we can even setup a “Bundle of Products”, i.e. Shirt, Hat, Pants, Belt, Socks, etc… so that each player easily knows exactly what they need to order. All they have to do is select their size and add any personalization. No more excuses!

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Sell Custom T-Shirts For Donations

Great for Schools, Bands, Summer Camps, Religious Groups, Teams, Leagues, Fund Raising, Hospitals, Non-Profits, Franchises and Businesses of All Types!

We will setup and provide you with your own on-line Business, Group, Fundraising, Uniform or Team Spirit store with customized products featuring a large selection of Name Brand Apparel and Accessories, secure credit card processing, integrated shipping, professional printing and embroidery services.

Offer the products you want decorated with your team logo or designs. If you’ve got an existing web site, add a direct link to offer personalized shirts and accessories. And, we’ll help you get set up including custom graphics or logos for FREE!

When your store first opens, we will set it up with a Pre-Sale or Bulk Discounted Pricing Structure. The Pricing structure is discussed with you in order to minimize your selling price and maximize your sales.  All your members place their orders, but all orders are held until the end of the sale period, usually two weeks.

When the sale is over, we produce all the items ordered as one group and then ship the entire order to one designated location. This allows BIG SAVINGS with discounted pricing and FREE SHIPPING! All items are organized and labeled as to who gets what. This makes distribution simple and easy for the coach or whomever is in charge!

After the initial discounted sale you decide how you want your store to be used. Keep it open for individual orders on an On-Demand basis, or pause the store and wait a while until you decide to run another bulk order sale.