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Embroidered appliqué is the technique of layering large pieces of laser cut fabric onto a garment and then using stitching along the edges to hold it in place.

Appliqué is the perfect alternative to larger, more costly embroidery projects for team names, greek letters, numbers, logos, mascots and designs.

Large fabric pieces are used to fill in the solid areas of a design or letter. Appliqué is ideal for schools, teams and businesses who want an upscale look at an affordable price. We offer tackle twill, distressed chino, felt, fleece, flannel, plaids and calico cotton prints. Appliqué is durable, long lasting and extremely popular.

distressed applique

Custom Appliques are NOT AN IRON-ON!!

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Choose from up to 30 shirt Colors
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Many Unique Appliqué Fabrics to Choose From

TACKLE TWILL: Most Popular Fabric

tackle twill applique

The number one choice of Appliqué Fabric for Athletic Uniforms, School, Collegiate and Promotional apparel worldwide is tackle twill. Tackle twill is a 100% polyester fabric woven into a very strong, very durable twill pattern. The polyester twill has a high gloss coating applied to the surface which adds satin sheen to it.

All professional custom sports team uniforms are made using tackle twill. The popularity of tackle twill is so huge that it is also the number one fabric used for applique embroidery designs in the market today!

With custom applique embroidery, tackle twill fabric letters and numbers are edge sewn (typically using ZigZag or Satin Style Stitching) onto jackets or high-end jerseys. Twill is machine washable, won’t shrink or run, and provides a nostalgic, upscale aesthetic to uniforms or jackets. Each of our embroidery orders can be highly customized to fit your needs.


The Vintage — Old, worn and tatered look used by American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aéropostale & Hollister. You’ve seen it, but did not know how it was done. 100% Cotton twill fabric used to create distressed appliqué designs. We use a special fabric laser cutting technique which causes the material edges to “purposely” fray and fall apart. Distressed appliqué offers a look more vintage, imperfect, worn, faded and washed out.

We offer several types of fabrics to produce distressed appliqué. 100% cotton twill, shirt & sweatshirt style fabrics. Outlines can be Zig-Zag or Bean (Running) Stitches.

Distressed appliqué can be created for most types of lettering or shapes, however, the minimum size for any of these is at least 1 inch high and 1/2 inch wide. Objects or letters which are too thin or too small should be created using solid embroidery.


Take your distressed applique design to another level using a extra plush layer!

Just like Aéropostale & Hollister! It’s called  “plush” distressed appliqué!

A popular technique commonly seen in many national mall retail stores. An extra soft and thick layer is added which raises the distressed fabric above, making it more pronounced. If you have any questions, e-mail your design concept or give us a call.

VINTAGE FELT: The Classic Old School Look

Long before there was polyester twill fabric, felt was the choice for Appliqué designs. Standard Acrylic felt is the most affordable providing a thin, soft, fuzzy feel offering a Vintage Old-Fashioned look! Acrylic felt comes in dozens of colors.

However, if you want an upscale, thick and luxurious feel, consider using 100% Wool felt,  Wool felt looks great, but is extremely expensive compared to acrylic felt and is available only in limited colors.

Using felt in an Appliqué provides a traditional soft raised texture to the design, similar to old style letterman sweaters. Yes, you can combine felt with other fabrics in a layered effect to achieve interesting contrasts and classic visual appearances.


100% cotton calico prints are the fabric of choice when designer patterns and prints are needed to Appliqué. Cotton fabric prints are the preferred choice for Sororities, Cheerleaders and unique designs with a fun flare. But don’t think they are just for girls, cotton prints can also come in camoflauge fabrics as well.

Go into any JoAnn Fabric or HobbyLobby store and you will find hundreds and hundreds of calico cotton prints.

Calico cotton is extremely affordable and offers a myriad of design choices including: Polka dots, stripes, pattern prints, cartoon designs, collegiate and professional sports designs, animal skin prints and so much more, the list is endless.

PLAID, FLANNEL and FLEECE: Oldies but goodies

We offer so many kinds of fabrics for applique its almost overwhelming, but its all about having choices!!

You can incorporate almost any kind of soft fabric including plaids, flannel, fleece or any kind of fabric. Basically, if we can cut it with our laser and sew it, then we can use it for appliqué work.

The only fabrics which should be avoided for appliqué work are materials containing resins, chemicals or plastics which give off harmful or toxic gases when being cut or burned by our laser equipment. In addition, we will not work with thick or dense materials such as leather.

Calico Fabric Print Appliqué plus Custom Hoodie Liners

YES, you can coordinate your Appliqué Design with a Custom Handmade Hoodie Liner.

Enhance the interior look of your hoodies with custom made hoodie liners made out of Almost Any Cotton Fabric.

We can incorporate custom made hoodie liners for ANY hoodie which you order from our online catalogs. The possibilities of fabric coordination are limitless. You can choose from any of our custom fabrics or go shopping find your own fabric and send it to us.

Textures, Plaids, Polka Dots, Fashion prints, Animal Prints, Cartoons and much more… We can use the same hoodie liner fabric for your appliqué design!

Hoodie liners should not use thick fabrics otherwise the hood itself could be too stiff, uncomfortable or may even get too hot for the wearer to use.

Check Out this Video on How Its Done!

Tackle Twill, Distressed Appliqué, Felt, Fleece, Flannel, Plaids & Calico Prints

Embroidered Appliqué is the technique of layering large pieces of laser cut fabric onto a garment and then using stitching along the edges to hold it in place!

So is this something that you can do yourself?  Not really.  Is applique work an Iron-On? No, not at all, it is a form of direct embroidery which must be done in our shop.

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