Using Halftones is all abouts the DOTS!

One of the best cost saving tricks is the use of Halftones.  Halftones have been around since the beginning of printing.  Old fashioned black and white newspapers used halftones to take full color photos and print them as black and white.

Well we can easily do the exact same thing, but not just black and white, we can simplify full color to a single color design using whatever color of ink you want, or we can use any combination of colors.  Black and white, Red and Orange, Green and yellow, the combinations and possibilities are endless.  Halftones can be used for 1 color, 2 colors, 3 colors and up to as many as 5 colors.  For us, just email us the photo, print or design you want converted and we can quickly upload that for you to use in our system for free.

We take the guesswork out of complicated printing processes.  You may think that a logo or design you have should be produced using Full Color printing which is most expensive.  But, we can analyze your design and suggest creative ways to use halftones to replicate a full color design with huge cost savings to you or your business.

We will use this information to provide a free preview of what the final product will look like, along with Free Estimates. Once we receive your email, we typically respond within one hour on business days.

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